Delouners - EP

by Delouners

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released April 10, 2014

Montevideo/Canelones - Uruguay

Estos temas fueron grabados en Ocubre del 2013 por Diego Mercadal y Post-Producidos por Ismael Viñoly entre Marzo y Abril del 2014.

Letra y musica de los temas pertenece a DELOUNERS.

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Santiago Musetti (Voz y guitarra)

Patricio Clavijo (Guitarra y voz)

Pablo Staricco (Bajo y coros)

Diego Macedo (Batería)



all rights reserved


Delouners Uruguay

Delouners. Canelones. Uruguay.

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Track Name: Mean (she's so)
Well I saw her on the corner
And the air was getting colder
She saw me on the street
And she could guess I was a loner
Burning like a fire, she granted my desire
But who could have guessed
I was in for so much trouble?.
Uh! those eyes, like a sacred chandelier
Uh! that hair, like a flock of dancing demons

She´s so
Mean, mean, mean
to me-e-e

Well, the years went by
And I sort of let it slide
I was feeling happy
Just to have her by my side
But you know
Tides change now it's time to go my way.
So good bye honey!
I don't hope you do to well!

You were so
Mean, mean, mean
to me-e-e
Track Name: Niña Genio
From her head springs her hair
Gold, white and brown
And her face, sharp as the Alps
Her eyes, cold blue eyes
And her head, holds her mind
What a vault...

Oh her mouth and her voice
Chanting a verse wise and old.
Yeah, she holds secrets and holds
A warm place in your soul.
But she´s not there, not anywhere
What a shame...

And she moves so fast
that you wonder if you can take it.
She wont look behind
She´s got you eating dust, you dig it.

You watch her walk, you watch her leave
Carried away by the wind.
But what you saw it burns you slow
So close to the goal.
And now she´s gone, you know she won
And it hits you low.
Track Name: Labalada
Old friend I´ve known you
Since I was a child
And every rainy day you´d come
And make me feel fine.
You showed me places
That I didn't know
And taught me all those things
I never thought I would do.

Now you are gone and that makes me feel sad
And I'm angry cause you´re not around
Everything that I do is a lie
I don´t think I can cope with my mind
I have to let go...

Something came between us
And I don´t know what.
Maybe I closed your door
Maybe I was too shy
Im starting to wonder
If you´re still alive.
And if you do
I wish I knew
what keeps you so far.
Track Name: Thuplac Ajoh
Tuplac ajoh, to keep you satisfied.

Your sin is there, your sin is hell.
But i´ve got you on my mind, could you have me anytime.
Your sin is there, you sin is hell.

Your sin is cool, but your sin aint that cool.
You sin is there, your sin is hell.
But i´ve got you on my mind, you could have me anytime to keep you satisfied.

Tuplac ajoh, to keep you satisfied.
Track Name: Leaving Home
Dad I´m a loner
I´m leaving home
To live in the woods
Like a hobo.
Tell my mom that I
Love her so
Packed in my bag
Just a coat

Dad I´m a loner
I´ll hit the road
No map can show you
Where I be gone
And every night
I´ll light a fire
Think of the things
I´ve left behind.

Dad I´m a loner
I´m catching the train
Go away for ever
That´s what I mean
Sleep to the sound of
Howling wolves
Dad, I´m a loner
I´m leaving home.